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P & C

The Walkaway P&C Association meet regularly in the school. New parents are always welcome.

Families are encouraged to pay $1.00 per family and become financial members of the P&C. This gives you voting rights.

The P & C meet regularly during the year for fund raising activities and will call upon families to participate.

Notification of meeting times can be found in the newsletter.

P & C Office Bearers in 2022

President - Sarah Thurkle 

Vice President - Narrelle Bate 

Secretary - Open 

Treasurer - Kristy Levett

Executive Committee

Linda Reed 
Erin Cole

Hayley Levett
Officio - Megan Barrett

Uniform Coordinator

Erin Cole 

2022 P&C Minutes

24th February 

17th March 

2021 P&C Minutes

17th February

10th March AGM 

22nd April

14th June 

26th July 

8th September 

13th October 

2020 P&C Minutes

16th October 

16th September 

29th July 

3rd June

10th February AGM Minutes

19th February Mother's Day Morning Tea Meeting

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