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Resources for Home

I would like to recognise the generosity of the website and app providers who have made these resources available during the COVID pandemic. Please note: Parents are advised to investigate these sites/apps prior to signing up to them so you are aware of the agreements. Walkaway Primary School is in no way connected to these sites but have provided them to you as a resource.

Providing these is in no way saying schools are closing. Advice will be given around this should it be needed in the future.

Activities and links will be updated as more opportunities arise.

Creative Activities

Raising Dragons has excellent and fun activities - STEM, Art etc shared these great ideas on Facebook. The site has many more great resources and ideas.

There are 8 photos in this gallery of images.


Dr Paul Swann makes available on his site some free games and activities under Resources and Downloads - link updated 24/03/2020

Numero - Numero is an amazing game that builds number understandings and computation skills. This site has all the information you will need.

Mathletics - our students have individual log ins for Mathletics Please note: This log in also gives them access to Typing Club

Physical Health and Well-Being

Zones of Regulation - Book Nook - this site has free physical activities for K-2 students. Just click sign up for free (top right)

Go Noodle - movement and mindful videos to get our children moving

Cosmic Kids Yoga - yoga, mindfulness and relaxation designed especially for kids aged 3+, used in schools and homes all over the world

Upper Primary - Current Affairs

BTN is an informative website that has current news reported specifically for our students. Under the Teacher tab, there are activities for each episode. New reports are aired weekly.

Digital Technologies

12 Free Apps For Coding has both plugged (on a device/computer) and unplugged (without technology) activities to build students skills, understandings and vocabulary knowledge within the Digital Technologies Curriculum


Minerals and Energy Resources


Cool Australia has provided two links to make navigating their site easier for you

Parent Information

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